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Sales/Account Manager

Position Guide

Bizrespect Digital Marketing & Advertising was founded with the mission of providing effective and measurable digital marketing strategies to businesses of all sizes. Our objective is to empower these businesses by harnessing the potential of creative digital marketing and strategic advertising to boost growth and maximize ROI for our clients. To achieve this, we are committed to maintaining a culture of transparency, creativity, and continuous learning, ensuring that we consistently deliver the best possible results.

Role Overview
The role of a sales/account manager takes center stage. You will be responsible for selling, managing, and growing client accounts, which forms the backbone of our business operations. Your main focus will be on promoting our diverse range of services with utmost effectiveness, ensuring that clients see the true value we offer. Building and nurturing strong relationships with clients will be paramount to gain their trust and confidence in our partnership. Your dedication to delivering top-notch service will not only lead to your personal success but will also contribute significantly to the overall growth and prosperity of our company. Key performance indicators include new client acquisition, client retention rates, and client satisfaction reviews.

Product and Service Knowledge
Our offerings include SEO, content marketing, PPC advertising, social media marketing, web design and development, email marketing, reputation management, and more. We provide "Quick start" plans as well as customized solutions based on each client's specific business needs and goals.

Sales Process
Our sales process starts by generating leads through both online and offline channels. Online channels encompass emails and direct contact with businesses via their websites. Offline channels involve print advertising, direct mail, telemarketing, networking at events, or hosting informational events and webinars (The method you choose for acquiring clients is entirely at your discretion, allowing you to utilize whichever strategies you find most effective.) Once we have the leads, we carefully assess their needs and potential as long-term clients. Customized proposals are then crafted to address each client's specific requirements, and these proposals are presented in meetings. After closing the sale, we maintain regular follow-ups to ensure client satisfaction and to identify opportunities. Our aim is to provide excellent ongoing support to our valued clients.

Compensation Structure
In the role of a Sales/Account Manager at Bizrespect Digital Marketing & Advertising, your compensation is directly tied to your performance, reflecting a pure commission-based structure. This approach emphasizes the importance of effectiveness and efficiency in your role. The more successful you are in acquiring new clients, retaining existing ones, and ensuring their satisfaction, the higher your earning potential.

Your earnings will be directly proportional to the results you deliver. This means that there is no cap on your potential income; the more value you bring to the company through successful client engagements and business growth, the more you stand to earn. This model is designed to motivate and reward high performance, aligning your financial success with the company's success.

In this role, your financial rewards are a direct reflection of your hard work and the tangible results you achieve. This structure is ideal for those who are driven, results-oriented, and confident in their ability to deliver top-notch service and build lasting client relationships. Your dedication and effectiveness directly translate into your financial compensation, offering a lucrative opportunity for those who excel in the dynamic field of digital marketing and advertising.

Client Relationship Management
Our client onboarding process involves a kick-off meeting to understand the client's business needs and assigning a dedicated account manager, which will be you unless otherwise advised. Account managers maintain client relationships through regular communication, proactive service, and quick resolution of any issues.

Soft Skills Development
Emphasis is placed on effective communication, with a focus on listening to understand client needs and presenting solutions clearly and persuasively. Problem-solving skills are also vital, as well as the ability to manage time and stay organized.

Compliance and Ethics
All our actions are guided by respect for our clients, their data, and their privacy. We adhere to GDPR regulations and all relevant advertising industry standards and practices.

Continuing Education
We believe in continuous learning and offer regular training sessions on new industry trends and tools. We also provide resources for self-learning and encourage you to stay updated with the latest in the digital marketing and advertising industry.

Feedback and Performance Reviews
Regular check-ins and one-on-one meetings are held to ensure you're on track with your performance goals. This training guide is designed to give new hires a comprehensive understanding of their roles and responsibilities, our company, and our expectations. We believe in providing the tools, training, and resources to help you succeed in your role.